Sunday, May 5, 2013

Linner Beats Brunch

Earlier today, I posted on YouTube a video extolling the pleasures of linner (and the subsequent drunk shopping that often occurs, afterwards).

Today was a fairly typical Sunday for us. Rather than rushing to meet anyone for brunch, we slept in and had a leisurely morning. We walked the dogs. We finished laundry. We took care of groceries. We made plans for linner.

Getting to brunch takes way too much energy. You must either get up early or rush through the morning. I used to delude myself in thinking I could complete my chores after brunch, but who was I kidding? Once I got a few Bloody Marys in me, all productivity was gone.

Linner is so much more civilized. Everything has already been accomplished. You meet friends in the mid-afternoon for a lovely meal with cocktails or beer. If you meet around 2pm, you might still be able to take advantage of the brunch menus. If the mood strikes, you can also partake in drunk shopping as you stagger on home.

We met a friend for linner at Hopleaf. We love Hopleaf. It features an overwhelming selection of beers on tap, mostly Belgians. The menu, while not extensive, is quite good. I focused on the Belgian IPAs (Houblon Chouffe is my favorite) as I enjoyed a Duck Reuben. We had great seats at the bar and attentive service from the bartenders. It made for a perfect Sunday afternoon.


  1. I never herd of Linner! I kept thinking you had a typo. I like it! My boyfriend and I have been in a Sunday rut... This might be a helpful idea. Thank you for the possibility of a new way to see the day!

    1. In real life, the word "linner" often confuses people. They will still call the first meal on Sunday, even if it is early afternoon, "brunch." I have no problem with that, especially if I did not have anything to eat prior. But if I ate breakfast, the next meal is linner.