Friday, May 3, 2013

...And We're Live!

I finally made and edited my first video for YouTube. It was a steep learning curve. I had to learn to get my new camera (Samsung HMX-F90) set up properly. I had to figure out how to get the video transferred to the computer. I learned the basics of my new editing program (Pinnacle Studio) and edited the video. I now transferring it to YouTube for the final tweaks and then posting it live!

During the last two weeks, I have been feeling the excitement that would go along with a new design project. I'm trying to approach this venture as a redesign of my life. In addition to defining the specifications of what I want to accomplish, I've been laying out the plan. I've even started becoming active again on Twitter, Google+, and this blog, as well as signing up for Instagram. I've spent time getting familiar with YouTube and setting up my channel. However, the launch of the channel with my first video feels like the official start to my venture.

I plan to spend this next month building the habits of regular posting on the different social media platforms, and engaging people on them as well. Once these habits form, the platforms can stop being an end unto themselves, and start being an opportunity to explore what I want out of my life and career(s).

It is time to figure what I want to do and be when/if I grow up!

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