Sunday, April 17, 2011

Getting too old for this....

Thursday night I pulled an all-nighter. Next week are the final presentations for two classes. The print shop recommended that all banners be submitted on Friday in order to be ready for Monday. History tells me that the print shop can usually have things printed if you get it in first thing the day you need it...but they have been kind of erratic lately. So, I probably didn't absolutely have to stay up all night on Thursday. Since I had planned ahead and taken off Friday, I could have slept, done my work Friday, and had it in by the end of the day.

But why take chances? Since I was off Friday, I would have time to recover. So I put my nose to the grindstone and kept working. Oddly, I chose not to jack myself up on coffee. I kept thinking that I wanted to be able to sleep once I finished. So I drank water and hot tea...and probably ate too fuel my work. More than once, I almost fell asleep at the keyboard. I had a few breakthroughs (around 4am and 8am) that gave me some excitement and renewed energy.

I am disappointed to note that I think the banners are some of my best work (in terms of layout/presentation). I guess I do better under pressure. I wish that weren't true. I definitely don't bounce back from all-nighters like I used to.

I submitted both sets of banners by noon on Friday, meeting my self-imposed deadline.

I then passed out on the couch. About three hours later, I woke with a dachshund standing on my chest, reminding me to let him out to do his business. I got another two hours before Rob came home. I got 10 hours of sleep on Saturday...and I'm back in business.

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